IKEA apologises for male-only catalogue

IKEA Israel has apologised for distributing a brochure that only contains male models.


The catalogue contains scenes including a man standing by a bookshelf with an open book in his hands and two boys sitting on a rug, and a man pouring orange juice into a cup in the kitchen with two boys sitting at a table.

“Designed especially for you,” the text read in Hebrew.

The catalogue raised concern on social media and prompted a response from IKEA Israel.

In 2012 Ikea was forced to apologise over removal of women from Saudi Arabia catalogue; 5 years later they do it again, this time in #Israel

— Catherine Weibel (@CatherineWeibel) February 16, 2017

A spokesperson explained in a statement published on Swedish website The Local that the brochure was “customised specifically for the Haredi community in an attempt to reach this minority community in Israel with messages of our home furnishings offer”.

The Haredi community, who practice ultra-Orthodox Judaism, adhere strictly to Jewish laws. 

In ultra-orthodox Judaism there is an emphasis on gender segregation.

But the spokersperson added that the brand realised “that people are upset about this and that the publication does not live up to what IKEA stands for, and we apologise for this.

“We will make sure that future publications will reflect what IKEA stands for and at the same time show respect for Haredi community.”

The largest population of orthodox-Jewish people are in Israel, followed by the US, according to independent research institute the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs.

For its ultra Orthodox customers, Ikea Israel has issued a catalogue from which images of women are entirely absent. 长沙桑拿,长沙SPA,/Z3SWwA4Dsh pic.twitter长沙桑拿按摩论坛,/wpIhmOqQes

— Lisa Goldman (@lisang) February 16, 2017