Same-sex marriage: Ad restrictions deal close as ABS prepares to post first ballot papers

With the High Court challenge to the survey now settled, the government and Labor are trying to agree on a series of rules for the campaign.


The Australian Bureau of Statistics will begin posting ballot papers from tomorrow.

The ‘YES’ and ‘NO’ campaigns will run another two months before the deadline for responses on November 7.

Labor’s shadow Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus said the negotiations would continue on Monday, as parliament resumes for another sitting week.

“Labor has asked the government to include a provision that would ban vilification, hate speech,” Mr Dreyfus told ABC Radio on Monday morning.

“It looks at this stage like the government’s prepared to agree to that.”

“We haven’t yet hit on the final form of words.”

0:00 Thousands have rallied across Australia for marriage equality Share Thousands have rallied across Australia for marriage equality

The special bill for advertising restrictions is needed because the postal survey is not a formal election and falls outside the normal rules contained in the Electoral Act.

Besides anti-vilification rules, there will likely be authorisation provisions that will force advertisers to sign their name to ad material.

Anti-bribery and anti-fraud provisions are also expected, Mr Dreyfus said.